IT'STHETITS is a zine (mini one-topic magazine) I created for my design projects course at uni.


From the beginning, I knew I wanted my zine to have an impact, to raise eyebrows, to get people thinking. I wanted to create a publication that was confronting in the best way possible. I think that the most rewarding way to get out of our own heads and away from the ideas planted inside of us by our upbringings is to be confronted and a little shocked. I found I could create this effect with the concept of female nudity and its link to sexuality. I have always been quite open-minded towards the naked form and thus wanted to argue against the idea that society has cast upon much of the western world: female nipples are sexual and not to be seen. And so, IT’STHETITS was born. 


The title of the zine comes from the saying “it’s the tits”, a very American slang phrase meaning “it was pretty f***ing sick”. Unbeknownst to me, this isn’t a common term here at all. In retrospect, I would have maybe considered a different title, something that the majority of my audience would understand immediately. In saying that however, I also kind of love that there is this opportunity for a reader to place their own meaning on the phrase.


tits in everyone’s faces, I needed to be subtle. This is my reason for using light shovingWhile I found the 70’s feminist movement, and the zines/propaganda seen in that time period inspiring, I wanted IT’STHETITS to be something people hadn’t seen before. I needed it to be original. I thought that if we really want breasts and nipples to be less sexualized and nothing to blink an eye over, than my zine would need to reflect that; instead of colours, pastel pink and grey with minimal black. I also kept the fonts simple and with few variants. I printed on matte paper so as to keep things modern and minimal. That is also the reason for having the zines perfect bound. I didn’t want the binding to take away from the cover or the inside content.


One of my favorite design technique I used in the zine was the use of my own handwriting. This added in an analogue element, and also paid tribute to the 70’s feminist zines that were full of scrawled handwriting and collaged images. IT’STHETITS developed from a complicated chaotic idea in my head to a clean and simple zine that exuded class while still protesting the restriction on female nipples and the demand for female equality.

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