Creating a brand identity for a design firm is a high stakes task. The entire company depends on the success of its portrayal through logo and marketing. A logo is a reflection of the brand it represents. No one wants to hire a designer with a poor logo.


Going into this project, my aim was to create a logo that perfectly combined the personality of Peachy Designs and my capability. It had to display my design skills, yet maintain the integrity of who I am, as both a designer and an individual. Thus, I chose to connect to my family life and use my nickname ‘Peach’ as the root of the brand. I also utilized my own handwriting, a design choice that helped to solidify that link between the personal and the professional.


Like my signature design style, I wanted the logo to be clean, simple, and sophisticated, yet have a hint of playfulness. I also wanted it to be incredibly flexible; I wanted it to be able to be recognizable without needing the words “Peachy Designs”. This is the reason behind creating the minimalistic peach illustration.The peach motif can be used with the text to form a holistic logo, or by itself as a hallmark of the brand.


When you become the client, everything you create and edit and develop is an extension of not only your brand, but of yourself. I believe I fulfilled my goal of creating a brand identity that reflects both my personality and my design style.

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