For our first assesment in my design imaging course, we were to reimagine an album cover for one of 6 bands to choose from.


I picked the album 'Heart of a lion' by The Griswold's  for two reasons:


1) I liked the indie-rock sound of the music and thought it would suit my design style best, and 2) I was eager to play around with the 'heart of a lion' concept.


My final design is eye catching. It's bright, abstract, and interesting. I am extremely pleased with the outcome.


The colourful illustration on the album was originally a watercolour painting of a lion skull I did. With the help of photoshop, I increased the saturation to give it a radioactive-type feel. 


The white frame and simplistic text contrasted against the illustration balances out the strong colours and keeps the album from looking too obnoxious bright.

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